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Client Manager Cindy Baek - headshot

Cindy Baek

Amity Legal Associates, PS, is delighted to have Cindy Baek as the Client Manager. Working with the firm for the past five years, Cindy continues to perform managerial duties ranging from the daily running of the office to establishing and nurturing a strong relationship with our growing clientele.

In her previous managerial stints, Cindy worked for a top law firm in Seattle as a client manager. Prior to that, she served as a marketing manager for the Renosys Architecture & Design firm, before managing her private Café in the heart of Seattle.

Behind Cindy’s wealth of experience in administrative and managerial undertakings, rests an affable personality that’s coached by compassion to others and diligence in effecting quality service delivery. Amongst other tenets, her personality furnishes a warm and welcoming environment which her colleagues and clients find most attractive.

Outside of work, Cindy is heavily involved in community-building initiatives where she currently serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Washington State Korean Association. In 2018, she earned the honor of serving as the Secretary-General for the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Nortwest American Association.

During her pastime, Cindy actively participates in choral singing as a choir member at her community church in Bothell, Washington.