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What Steps Should I Take After A Car Wreck?

When you are injured after colliding with another vehicle — whether it is a truck or a passenger car — your entire life can be rearranged. If your level of bodily injury is serious enough, this disruption could threaten your job, your ability to support your family or even your ability to do many of the tasks you took for granted before the accident.

At , our lawyer, Geoffrey Kim, focuses much of his practice on helping car accident injury victims access the help they need to recover. He can help you negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies or fight for you in civil litigation if necessary.

Steps To Take After A Car Accident

After a car accident, take the following actions:

  1. If you are seriously injured, get medical help immediately. Everything else can wait. Also, being treated immediately reinforces the damages you have suffered.
  2. If your injuries are significant but you are ambulatory, see your primary care doctor right away. Again, it is important to document your injuries as soon as possible.
  3. Ask for a copy of the police report. This report is a crucial piece of evidence that provides a narrative for how the accident happened and which driver showed the most negligence in their actions.
  4. Call a personal injury attorney. A lawyer who specializes in representing victims of auto collisions can review the police report for accuracy and identify other issues needed to build your case.
  5. Let your attorney talk to the insurance companies. They can handle correspondence and calls and advise you when or whether to make a statement directly to the insurer.
  6. Finally, be honest with your lawyer about how the accident has limited you or caused you pain. Do not try to “tough it out.” This strategy could cause the other side to question the amount of the damages you have filed.

After A Collision, Contact A Firm Focused On Personal Injury

Our firm’s lead attorney has extensive experience representing clients injured in motor vehicle accidents in the state of Washington. Call our office in Bellevue at 206-338-6402 or email us to set up a free case consultation. We offer personal injury clients contingency fees, meaning if we do not recover compensation for you, you owe us nothing.