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“Geoffrey was very informative and responsive to every questions I had. He handled everything well and made sure all paperwork was delivered in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Geoffrey to anyone and will use his services if needed in the future.”

Shannon P.

“I sincerely appreciate the professional and caring job Geoffrey Kim had done for me I could not find a better Lawyer than Him, he is a great, knowledgeable, and professional person, and I am quite satisfied with the excellent job that he did.”


“Geoffrey helped my husband with getting his green card. Geoffrey was always available for questions and explained everything thoroughly and clearly. My husband and I had met with several attorneys before deciding to work with Geoffrey and we thought that Geoffrey was the most knowledgeable and honest. It’s difficult finding an attorney who truly cares about their clients so we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered Geoffrey. We just had our interview with immigration yesterday and my husband was approved for a green card on the spot. We highly recommend him and will continue to refer him to our friends and family.”


“Geoffrey was very helpful, kind and respectful from day one to the end. He kept me informed the entire time and would check up on me as often as he could. I plan on referring him to my friends, good job Geoffrey, you will prosper well.”

Joanne M.

“He is really good with traffic violation, i hired him with couple cases, so i referred him to couple of my friends as well. For auto mobile accident, he was able to settle my case properly and very quick. He informed me with every progress during the settlement as well. Very easy to get hold of unlike other attorneys, and very professional.”

Ryan K.

“Geoffrey Kim was extremely helpful in guiding me through my first court case. I couldn’t have asked for a more convenient and experienced lawyer.”

Derek T.