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Personal Injury Advocacy From An Attorney Dedicated To Winning Your Case

An accidental injury very often proves not to have been an accident but rather the result of someone else’s negligence. To discover who should compensate you for your losses, work closely with a lawyer who is committed to helping you get the support you need. A detailed investigation of the facts, a legal analysis of the situation and a strong commitment to win your case can lead to your financial recovery.

If you were hurt in a crash, broke bones in a fall or suffered a traumatic injury while using power tools on the job, you need top-notch medical care as well as legal counsel that you can trust. Attorney Geoffrey Kim at Amity Legal Associates is committed to going the distance to help you pursue compensation from appropriate sources: the negligent party, their insurer and/or other responsible individuals or organizations.

Work With A Law Firm Whose Name Means ‘Friendship’

At Amity Legal Associates, you can count on friendly service as well as the skillful pursuit of the financial resources that you need after an accident such as the following:

  • A motor vehicle accident
    • A car, truck or motorcycle accident
    • A public transportation accident
    • A bicycle or pedestrian accident
  • An accident on public or private property
    • A fall from a balcony, porch or stage
    • A slip-and-fall accident on a slick surface
    • An electric shock or burn injury
    • An assault injury
  • An injury caused by the use of a dangerous product
  • A medication error or another grievous medical mistake such as if a surgeon left a foreign object in your body during surgery

With a trusting and productive attorney-client relationship at Amity Legal Associates, you can count on determined advocacy, frequent updates and prompt answers to your questions.

Get Reliable Answers And Help Now

Whether your auto accident just happened or you wonder what to do as mild injuries are getting worse after a minor collision, you can schedule an consultation at this firm. If you and attorney Kim choose to work together on your case, he will represent you on a contingency basis. You will not owe attorney fees until he achieves a settlement or verdict to compensate you for your losses.

No matter what your circumstances are after an accidental injury, take the first step toward your restored health and welfare by calling 206-338-6402 or completing a simple online form. If you have a different type of legal concern such as a DUI arrest, ask about the firm’s other practice areas.