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When you need an attorney, they should fight for what is in your best interests. Our firm will provide the personalized attention you need to succeed in court.

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Amity = A Friendly Relationship + Powerful Legal Support

If you need legal help, finding a lawyer who cares about your individual circumstances and is committed to doing what it takes to win is critical. Amity Legal Associates, PS, was founded by lead attorney Geoffrey Kim on the principle that friendly working relationships with clients leads to more positive outcomes.

Immediate Assistance After Personal Injury And Other Urgent Situations

Mr. Kim structures his practice so that he can work with each client personally. Our goal is to help clients understand the laws influencing their case, partnering with them to find a solution, and representing their best interests during negotiations or litigation.

Get To Know Us Better

If you have been injured in a car accident or suffered another type of personal injury, our attorney will meet with you to guide you through the process of filing a claim to recover damages. He can handle all correspondence with the insurance companies and help develop a settlement that allows you to recover. If settlement talks fail, he can also fight for your right to claim damages in court.

In addition to our focus on personal injury cases, we also represent clients in the following areas:

  • Criminal defense (misdemeanors only)
  • Traffic violations, including DUI
  • Family immigration law

Because our firm believes that the attorney-client relationship is key to resolving legal challenges, we provide amenities for our clients such as free initial appointments, contingency fee payment for personal injury clients and accepting credit cards as a form of payment. We offer language assistance for clients who speak Korean or Swahili.

Our firm is based in Bellevue and serves Seattle’s metropolitan area in Washington. Discover what we can do for you by scheduling a free introductory appointment by calling 206-338-6402 or emailing the firm.