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3 reasons to seek a medical evaluation after a car crash

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Car Accidents |

It is common for people to wrongly assume that they will know conclusively whether they have sustained concerning injuries after a crash or not. However, some injuries are harder to identify than others, and a medical professional’s review may be necessary for people to ensure they get the right treatment after a motor vehicle accident occurs.

The following are some of the warning signs that a person should see a doctor right after a collision, even if they don’t immediately perceive that they’ve been hurt.

They lost consciousness

Some people assume that passing out or fainting during a crash isn’t much of a concern so long as they quickly regain consciousness. That assumption is inaccurate, as any blackout after a collision can be indicative of a possible traumatic brain injury (TBI). The best way to rule out a severe injury or one that will worsen over time is to have a doctor properly evaluate someone following a wreck.

They can’t drive their car

The condition of a vehicle after a crash can give someone a good idea of how much force was involved in the wreck. High-speed crashes usually lead to more serious injuries for the occupants of the vehicles involved. If a car suffers such extensive damage during a crash that someone cannot work or to the mechanics, that is a warning sign that the occupants of the vehicle may have an increased risk of serious injury.

Other passengers have sustained major injuries

If the force of the crash was enough to give someone else a concussion or break their bones, then it may also be strong enough to injure the driver. From internal bleeding caused by a seat belt to stable fractures, there are many injuries that people may not notice immediately that could have a major impact on their health and finances.

Getting a timely medical evaluation after a car crash might make it easier for someone to both safeguard their physical well-being and to pursue an appropriate amount of compensation after a wreck.