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2 causes of distracted driving for young adults

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Car Accidents |

For many young adults, having a driver’s license and a car is the ultimate freedom. At any point a teen can leave the house and drive to their friends, grab fast food or spend the evening playing games and watching movies. This is all until one poorly timed distraction puts themselves and others in danger of serious accidents.

It seems like the world is full of distractions. Nearly anything can become distracting, but there are many common causes of distracted driving. Here’s what you should know:

Texting and driving

Today, young adults aren’t just getting texts, but private messaging and sharing and liking social media posts. Any time a teen hears their phone notification sound off it almost seems instinctual for them to grab their phone – there could be hundreds of notifications a day. If a young adult is on the road, they may try reaching for their phone after hearing it ding.

Teens who check their phones regularly while on the road could be turning away from the road. Some people only look at their phones at a stop sign or red light, but others are more willing to look at their phones any chance they get – texting and driving is not only dangerous but illegal in the state of Washington. Even looking away from the road for a second could be life or death.

Fast food

Fast food restaurants are known for their quick service and easy access. Anyone driving right now could roll up to a food service window and place an order. Most teens would then hit the road and eat while they drive to their destination.

What many young drivers don’t realize is that their food could put them in a pickle. Rummaging through a bag could be just as bad as looking at a phone, causing teens to look away from the road and take one hand off the wheel. Most fast food is covered in grease, which could cause a driver’s hand to easily slip on the wheel. The surprise from a spilled drink could cause young drivers to focus on everything but how they drive.

Distractions are everywhere and just one could lead to serious charges. If you were charged with distracted driving, you may need to know what you can do when building a legal defense.