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Why are fatal car accidents becoming more common?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Did you know that fatal car accidents are happening more often than they used to? There has been a short-term increase in the number of fatal accidents for the last three years in a row. This has alarmed those keeping track of the statistics because the general trend for 50 years before that had been a decline in fatalities caused by collisions.

Naturally, this leads people to ask why fatalities have begun to trend upwards. Aren’t cars safer than they have ever been? Shouldn’t the reduction in driving fatalities continue as a result? What you’ll find is that there are actually a number of reasons that are all working together to inspire this increase.

Changes in the way people drive

The biggest thing researchers have found is just that drivers are causing these accidents simply by the ways in which they approach driving itself. For example, instances of reckless driving have increased, as has speeding. Both of these things can make accidents more likely and they certainly make it more likely that the accident will be fatal if one occurs. Merely slowing down and driving carefully – if everyone did so – could make a major difference.

Drunk driving and impaired driving have also increased lately. Any level of impairment is enough to cause an accident, not just when someone’s blood alcohol concentration is over the legal limit. Impairment rates are also being affected by issues with drugs like marijuana or prescription painkillers. It is already illegal to drive under the influence of any substances that have the potential to impair a driver, but accidents will keep happening as long as people keep choosing to take them regardless.

What can you do?

Unfortunately, the truth is that you can drive safely and still suffer serious injuries when another driver makes a mistake. If this happens to you, be sure you know about all of your opportunities to seek compensation. You shouldn’t suffer financially due to another’s missteps.